Training Programmes

Your likes/dislikes

Fitter Over 50 has no intention of trying to make you run, or ride a bike, or kick a pad or use a rowing machine……unless you say that you like doing those things.

We have an endless number of activities that we can use to help you achieve your objectives. There is no reason at all for anyone to do anything that de-motivate them – there is every reason to ensure that the activity is as enjoyable as possible.

Let’s pick activities that you think you will enjoy. We can always change them, or mix-and-match to maximise progress as the body responds best to a frequently changed routine.

We will also suggest ways in which you can assist your training through day-to-day activities that complement the programme that we design for you.

So, hopefully you like the idea of training with a professional, who shares age, experience, outlook, and some of the same pains as you. What now?

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