Training Programmes

The Programme

The programme itself is a key part of what we do for you. We must ensure that you have the structure to ensure that you are truly making the progress that you need in order to achieve your objectives.

How can we know that we are successful without planning and measurement? How can we know that something isn’t working unless we plan and measure? How can you remember from session to session, week to week, what you did last time, last week, last month?

The key here is to progress. This may sound hard but the more you train, the more you will be able to achieve. The more you push, the fitter, slimmer, stronger, more flexible, you will become. Progress can be slow or faster – the speed is dictated by your goals and time available. But the key is to make that progress.

It is incredibly motivating seeing that distance increase, those weights get easier to lift, clothes sizes drop away!

So, hopefully you like the idea of training with a professional, who shares age, experience, outlook, and some of the same pains as you. What now?

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