Training with a Personal Trainer

For many over 50s, simply visiting a gym is a difficult, and sometimes embarrassing experience. They think everyone there will be fit and 20 years old. We also sometimes struggle with the idea of asking a much younger instructor for advice.

This is where Fitter Over 50 can really help. The inspiration, encouragement and motivation, and most importantly, the empathy that a mature professional trainer brings to your fitness training are all vital.

Here at Fitter Over 50, our understanding of our clients is second to none. We are focused on a very specific sector of the population and are therefore able to specialise in making the training experience as inspiring, enjoyable and productive as possible.

Whether you want to lose weight, drop a clothes size, tone your muscles, or train for an event or sport – we can help you achieve results.

If you prefer the idea of being trained with a friend, we can cater for this too. Please just drop us an email to ask for pricing. It can be a lot of fun if you get a friend involved and it can save you a bit of money. The only consideration is that you have the same objectives and are at a similar level of fitness.

The frequency of your training is always your decision. We will advise and guide, but won’t prescribe how often you train.

So, hopefully you like the idea of training with a professional, who shares age, experience, outlook, and some of the same pains as you. What now?

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