The Fitter Over 50 “Remote Trainer”

If you are quite comfortable with your own training regime, and able to motivate yourself without the discipline of a pre-arranged training session, you may feel that a trainer is not exactly what you need.

However, it is unlikely that you have the complete skill set necessary to develop a programme for yourself. This is where we come in. We develop a set of activities for you based on your current levels of fitness, what you are looking to achieve, time available etc. The programme will be designed to challenge you more and more as you work through it, always with your remote trainer providing advice, guidance and inspiration.

Whether you are one of the many highly disciplined individuals, with some training knowledge keeping yourself in shape or a sportsman needing some guidance for a bit of extra performance, or you simply don’t want to have a trainer alongside you, our Remote Trainer service would be a great compromise.

We use webcams in order to demonstrate exercises to you, and to introduce new ideas. It helps if we can see you performing some of the more technical exercises too, so a webcam in your location helps. However, we can also look at video clips via the web if an exercise is particularly technical or if it is concerning you.

So, hopefully you like the idea of training with a professional, who shares age, experience, outlook, and some of the same pains as you. What now?

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