The Fitter Over 50 Difference
What do I get, Why should I use it, How is it different?

Fitter Over 50 Description
Fitter Over 50 offers fitness training to the over 50 year-old age group delivered by trainers who are over 50.

Benefits – What do I get?
Fitter Over 50 clients achieve their fitness objectives with tailored, appropriate training regimes. The key benefits of training with Fitter Over 50 are that the trainer is also over 50 and from a long term corporate background. This makes an ideal match between the trainer and client in terms of outlook, approach and understanding of the client’s needs. The trainer has the life and business experience to be able to relate to the client, and engage in meaningful conversation, and know what type of training is best.

Why should I use it?
The over 50 age group has never been properly served by the fitness industry. As we get older we do become less active, but many of us decide at some point that we need to take action to ensure a healthy and active later life. However, gyms can be intimidating places, mainly staffed and used by young people. The music alone is often enough to deter anyone over 30. So we then decide that we need the motivation, and expertise of a trainer, but end up with a 25 year-old with little life experience, no mutual interests and no real understanding of our aches and pains, or what motivates and stimulates us. So we give up on the idea of pro-actively staying fit and healthy. This is where Fitter Over 50 is ideal.

How is it Different?
Using decades of fitness experience, Fitter Over 50 is a Personal Training service business focused on its target market: Over 50 year-olds. The key difference between Fitter Over 50 and any other personal training business, is that your trainer will also be over 50 – fully qualified and insured - and have a history of working, running a house, and bringing up children – like many of you. Having a similar background, and being a similar age, means that trainer and client have plenty in common – making the training session seem so much easier and pleasurable. Your training will be more stimulating – both mentally and physically.

Where do we train?
The services are delivered when convenient to you, at your workplace, your homes, a park, or even via phone and a webcam. The trainer will always be accredited at Advanced Instructor level on the Skillactive run Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs).
So, hopefully you like the idea of training with a professional, who shares age, experience, outlook, and some of the same pains as you. What now?

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